# OverVue.dev

# What is OverVue.dev ?

OverVue.dev is a collection of snippets covering the core concepts of Vue.js. Humorous examples are here to help differentiate the variables from the Vue and JavaScript syntax. I always found "foo" and "bar" placeholders hard to read. I tried to create snippets that you can grab as fully working components so you (and I) can start using it in Vue projects or simply for learning purposes.

I built this website (using VuePress) as I was starting my journey with Vue.js for two reasons:

  • Learning the different parts of Vue.js
  • Quickly find snippets covering basic concepts of Vue.js.

More info about me in the About me.

# About the official Vue Docs

The Official Vue Documentation is awesome, arguably the best JS framework doc out there.

Overvue.dev is just meant to cover quickly the core concept of Vue. It's an easy way for me to grab some snippets, so I figured I would share it with you. I linked the official doc on each page. I also organized it the way made sense to me.

I welcome and encourage any feedback.

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